Hop Into Spring with SweetWorks Candy!

March 01, 2014  |  Buffalo, NY

SweetWorks® is pleased to introduce new, high quality and appealing treats this Spring as its fans look to continue the tradition of creating special Easter baskets and other treats. SweetWorks® offers the perfect confections from three of its venerable brands: Niagara Chocolates®, Celebration by SweetWorks®, and Sixlets®.

New for Easter 2014! A great selection of new individually wrapped Semi-Solid Milk Chocolate: Bunnies (1 oz), Eggs (1 oz), Chicks (.75 oz) & Hens (.75 oz) in an assorted 22-count display. SweetWorks is also pleased to introduce premium All-Natural Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs (3.5 oz bag) and an All-Natural Semi- Solid Milk Chocolate Rabbit (3 oz) – wrapped in detailed, high-quality gold foil.

For the first time!

- Easter Pastel Sixlets® are available at Walmart, Safeway, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and CVS. 
- Celebration by SweetWorks® Spring Mix is available at Wegmans, Walmart and Tops Supermarkets. 
- Niagara Chocolates® Bunnies and Novelties are sweetening Wegmans, Tops Supermarkets and Big Y.
- Celebration by SweetWorks® Sweet ShapesTM Flowers and Pastel Hearts 1.5 oz peg bags are atmost Walmart stores!

Basket Must-Haves: Children will cherish Niagara Chocolates®’ all-natural solid and semi-solid creamy chocolate Easter creations shaped as: bunnies, chicks, crosses, cars and even dinosaur “surprise” eggs. Parents will delight in the solid chocolate shapes that are nostalgic, upscale-chocolatier quality, complete with clear wrap, reminiscent of Easters past. The solid chocolate bunnies are available in a variety of sizes in milk, dark and Ivory® chocolate.

Basket Helpers: About 95% of the Easter baskets are homemade*! Sixlets® in Pastel color packages are tasty treats that are sure to enhance those special baskets and come in a pouch of eight spring-colored chocolaty balls. They are also perfect for filling the plastic eggs that children love to hunt for at Easter. All Sixlets® candies are gluten free, nut free, and Kosher Dairy.

Baskets and Bakers Delight: Celebrate Easter with family and friends. The Celebration by SweetWorks® brand makes it easy to create multi-generational baking delights. Family members can have fun decorating their cakes, cookies and baked items with beautiful spring colored ShimmerTM PearlsTM and Sixlets®. Colors include ShimmerTM - bright pink, powder blue, lavender, lime green and white. PearlsTM and Sixlets® are also available in a ShimmerTM Spring Mix, both in shaker jars and peg bags. Both will add beauty, sophistication and elegance to Easter.

Kathy Brown, SweetWorks® Product Manager, commented, “We know that Easter is about family and traditions. In addition to our premium-all-natural chocolate, in all the symbolic Easter shapes, we offer fun basket fillers and beautiful spring-colored candy for decorating baked goods. We are proud that our chocolates and candies can be a part of spring celebrations.”

SweetWorks®, Inc. is a manufacturer of premium gourmet confections marketed under the brand names Niagara Chocolates®, Oak Leaf®, Ovation®, Sixlets® and Celebration by SweetWorks®. Founded in 1956, SweetWorks® is headquartered in Buffalo, New York, and operates Oak Leaf® Confections, in Toronto, Canada. SweetWorks® and its confectionery brands have a strong history of partnership with consumers and retailers seeking high-quality gluten-free, nut-free or kosher candies. SweetWorks markets its confections in over 65 countries.

Celebration by SweetWorks® PearlsTM and Gumballs, and Oak Leaf® candies are gluten free, Kosher and nut free. Sixlets® are gluten free, nut free, and Kosher Dairy. Niagara Chocolates® and Ovation® products are Kosher Dairy.