SweetWorks® Pearls™ make Sweet Hands for ESPN PTI Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon

February 19, 2016  |  Concord,NC

SweetWorks, Inc., manufacturer of premium gourmet confections and sugar artist Christian Twamley, recently created a pair of candy hands in the style of ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption logo. Made out of Celebration by SweetWorks® PearlsTM in red, white and black, the hands were presented to PTI hosts Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon by Twamley of Sykesville, MD and have appeared on their program.

Twamley created these “Hands” with about 550 Celebration by SweetWorks® PearlsTM used in each hand and over 300 Pearls to create the bases. This sweet endeavor took Twamley 20 hours!

Philip Terranova, President of SweetWorks, commented, “We were excited to hear that the PTI team were fans of our confections. Then working together, ESPN and SweetWorks came up with this project idea. Christian Twamley did a superb job in replicating a very sweet version of the PTI hands!”

SweetWorks®, Inc. is a manufacturer of premium gourmet confections marketed under the brand names Niagara Chocolates®, Oak Leaf®, Ovation®, Sixlets® and Celebration by SweetWorks®. Founded in 1956, SweetWorks® is headquartered in Buffalo, New York, and operates Oak Leaf® Confections, in Ontario, Canada. It markets its confections in over 65 countries. Celebration by SweetWorks® PearlsTM are gluten-free, Kosher and nut-free.

Find SweetWorks® products in candy, Holiday and baking aisles at major mass retailers, drug, convenience stores, and grocery outlets. They are also available online at

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Photos: (Two photos to the left show the Red and White Hands on black bases made out of SweetWorks Pearls. Photo to the right shows PTI hosts together with Christian Twamley, his wife and daughter. High res images of individual shots available.)